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Merino Kids Sleep Sacks (2 colours)  Amazing Detail Viewer

Merino Kids Sleep Sacks (2 colours)

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The Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag is one of the worlds finest. Made from natural fabrics and featuring a multiple award-winning design that helps your baby sleep better, safer and longer through the night.
    With its exceptional workmanship it will safely wear two years, and more, when passed on to other children. The superfine soft merino fabric is allergy-safe, naturally fire resistant, and will absorb and remove moisture when your baby is hot and sweaty while keeping your baby warm when it's cold. It can take a baby up to one year to develop the ability to regulate their own body temperature so it is imperative that merino is close to their skin.
    With its award-winning design babies cannot slide or wiggle out like they can with blankets. Since the baby sleep bag keeps your baby from uncovering it halts the possibility of waking up cold and uncovered.

This sack come in size Toddler - fits from 2 to 4 years.

Please READ MORE HERE about these amazing (and gorgeous) sleep bags and then choose your colour and get this in your life soon!

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