How To Be A Good Role Model For Teen Drivers

Being a parent, you must be the ultimate role model for your kids. It doesn’t matter how old your kids are. They will watch what you’ll do and how you’ll respond to others, especially around us, which includes your spouse and close friends, as well as your kids. So, here is how to be a good role model for your teen drivers.

1.     Open A Conversation

You as a parent must initiate to open up a conversation with your teens. You can start discussing the risks and benefits of driving. You think of the behavioral contract as a conversation opener between you and your teens. You talk to them about distracted driving using applications from overspeeding.  You teach them how to monitor themselves when they are already too drowsy to drive or in a volatile emotional state.

A Singaporean based curtain supplier and maker, Estil Furnishing, is taking care of their clients and employees like a family. They ensure their clients that their employees are sticking to their job orders such as soft fabric Roman blinds. Their drivers always don’t text while driving or use substances when driving to guarantee the orders are supplied to their customers.

2.     Be Transparent And Real With Teens

We are not all perfect. We often make mistakes. You’ll be highly appreciated if you admit your mistakes when you’ll screw up. So, be transparent and real with your teens. Just like Estil Furnishing, all employees are allowed to talk about what was behind their own misbehavior. Transparent conversations are very helpful to the management and the employee who committed the mistake because that employee becomes more mindful of their intentions and actions.

3.     Set Clear Consequences

The role as parents is to set clear consequences that are firm and fair. Teens all want and need clear guidelines for their behavior. So, Estil Furnishing does this too by defining what is okay and what is not. For example, if there is an emergency when they’re behind the wheel, the company talks about how to respond correctly such as pulling over and stopping the car. They also help them curb their impulse to contact them if it’s not urgently necessary. They also always disseminate information including what the price is for violating agreements.

4.     Set A Good Example

As parents, we must admit and correct ourselves too since your kids are watching. You are no exception to the rules required of your kids. We must set a good example for them. We all need to accept the rules together and take more responsibilities for our actions. Certainly, we will all do better by taking a look at ourselves and not adding distraction to your teen drivers.


It is best to begin conversations about driving when your kids are still young, especially before they’re getting ready to learn driving lessons. The earlier you engage in discussing dangerous driving and what may or may not be distracting, the easier it will be to introduce sensitive topics in the near future. Any type of conversation will do, but it is better to use the two-way discussions rather than a boring lecture.