Driving safety tips when ferrying children

Children in their growing years tend to have very brittle and soft bones while under development. This is the reason why it is important to maintain good safety habits whenever you involve your children in their work, transport and play. However, I will only be going through with the driving safety tips when ferrying children. Because children have soft bones, it can be very easy for them to get injured especially in a moving vehicle. As newtons law of motion states,”an object moving forward will remain moving forward unless another force is applied to it” although it seems like very easy to understand but this mean even if you are braking in a car, you child’s momentum is still moving forward. And without a proper child seat, your child can be thrown forward, injuring himself.

Child seats are very important because the default seatbelts in your car are meant to fit children above the age of 7. As such, the seatbelt when will put on will not work as intended for your little ones. In addition, it is the outmost importance to have the proper driving knowledge in both practically and theory. Learning from a private driving instructor is therefore paramount to educate yourself on the proper ways to drive to keep your little ones safe. One great example i found while traveling is none other than Singapore.

Singapore has one of the strictest driving laws in the world today and just speeding can mean being barred from driving for over 1 year. The private driving instructors there have at least 20 -30 years of experience driving before they are allowed to teach driving. As such, they know all the different safety aspects of driving with a child.


Did you know that child seats are also not “one size fits all”? There are different sized seats for children of different ages and it is important to identify which you need. In addition, there is a proper technique in belting the child seat using the seatbelt. Always follow the included instructions for the best result. Under no circumstances should you leave the seatbelt unattached to the child seat.

To conclude, driving with a child can be easy if you have the right tools as well as the skills needed to drive safely. However, just forgetting to do a step can also mean catastrophic disaster. Therefore it is essential to maintain vigilance when travelling with a child.