Best High-Tech Ways To Spy on Your Teen Driver

Parents are always worried about their children’s safety, especially when their teenagers just got newly licensed. The CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention) had a recent study about teen drivers indicating higher rates of fatal crash than those drivers aging 20 and older. Look no further for here are the best high-tech ways to spy on your teen driver.

1.     Telematics and GPS Monitoring Technology

For those who are not aware what is telematics, wireless devices and black box techniques are used to transmit data in real time. If you want to have a stream of information, GPS monitoring can be attached to know your teen driver’s whereabouts and on-road performance. Some technologies such as Ford’s MyKey and Allstate’s Drivewise and StarDriver are free, and others like Motosafety and MobiCoPilot have discounts.

The Singaporean based truck rental company Nam Seng Cargo also employed telematics features and GPS monitoring technology in their trucks and lorries to ensure that the deliveries are carried out in the refrigerated truck rental. This technology will also guarantee that their highly trained drivers are safe on the roads while doing widespread job orders for their customers.

2.     Apps That Monitor or Stop Distracted Driving

If you are the type of parent that wants to reduce the risk of phone-related crashes for your teen driver, you can install apps that monitor or stop distracted driving. These apps are often free to download and can block texts and calls when your teenager is driving further than a certain speed like from 10 to 25 miles per hour. Among these apps are Sprint’s DriveFirst and AT&T’s DriveMode that use auto-replies, as well as MamaBear that notifies the teen’s departure and arrival time and the certain speed.

3.     Using What Parents Learn

You can do what Nam Seng Cargo did. They signed up for telematics programs with their trucks and lorries insurance company to be eligible for discounts of 5% or more. Some insurance companies offer a combination of this with other price breaks, for example, maintaining a good rating score or taking a driving course for specialized trucks.

It is a wrong way of thinking to punish your teens when you monitor their driving habits. The best way is to be a proactive parent. You use what you have learned to talk with your teen driver. Then, you can share information about how to become a better driver.


As a parent, you don’t have to always ride with a shotgun on hand to keep your kids away from overspeeding and texting while driving behind the wheel. You can use these aforementioned technologies to monitor your young drivers. You can still be in the passenger seat virtually using these latest devices and apps.