What Are The Troubling Truths About Teen Driving?

One of the culprits behind countless deaths each year in the United States is driving while under the influence (DUI). Drivers under the age of 21 are responsible for a disproportionate number of fatal alcohol-related crashes and other crashes caused by texting while driving.  So, these will help parents know what the troubling truths about teen driving are.

1.     Underage Drinking and Driving

Many laws in the United States have strict regulations and rules for intoxicated underage drivers. But this does little to curb the growing problem. Most states control a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.02 percent or higher as a DUI for those under the age of 21. Arizona and North Carolina implemented a zero-tolerance policy in DUI that is any BAC above 0 percent.

Proximacy offers affordable online marketing services in Singapore and allows young applicants to join their marketing team on a contractual basis. But they don’t allow their teenage employees put in dangerous situations. They know that alcohol consumption can impair judgment. They’re aware that teens take risks to avoid the consequences of their parents finding out about their behaviors. So, they have a special program for employees under 21 wherein they do a collaboration with parents.

2.     Texting While Driving

Texting while driving has greatly surpassed DUI as the number one cause of teenage deaths in the United States. A large number of car accidents is related to the distracted driving and has increased concerns regarding cell phone usage while driving. If a young driver is talking on a cell phone, his reaction time slows down to that of a 70-year-old person.

To reduce this problem, Proximacy installs a tracker app on each employee’s mobile devices. They implement rules to combat texting while driving banning the activities involving a mobile device in the car. They don’t allow dialing a phone, talking or listening on a device, or reaching for a device. They know that a person’s eyes are off the road for a minimum of five seconds increasing the risk for further accidents.

3.     Addressing Concerns With Teen Driving

One of the most effective ways to reduce teen fatalities is educating teens about the dangers of drunk driving and distracted driving. Texting while driving is never acceptable. So, if in an emergency situation, any call must be done from a parked position. If someone has been drinking and will operate the vehicle, teenagers as passengers must be taught to never get in that vehicle. They must reach out for help if they’re unable to transport themselves or under the influence.

Proximacy is constantly reminding each employee about the established rules and expectations to reduce the likelihood of any dangerous situation. They have an open relationship to them to outline the clear consequences, develop skills to stand up to peer pressure, provide support, discuss the facts, and address the myths.


Many teens believe that nothing bad can happen to them and are no susceptible to risky behaviors, which are not entirely true. There are still discussions surrounding underage drinking and driving, as well as distracted driving related to cell phone usage while operating a vehicle.

How Can I Ensure My Kids Safety On The Internet?

Children safety is important. When your child has a smart phone, tablet PC or laptop or even a desk top computer, you absolutely have to do your best to keep them safe at all times. That isn’t actually as simple as you think because children want their freedom and can be sneaky. What is more, there are lots of dangers online and in a stance; your child can be put at risk. It’s becoming more important than ever before to ensure your child’s safety and there are a few simple things that can help. The following may help to reduce the risk of your children online.

Always Monitor Their Online Chat Rooms and Searches

Do you want to spy on your child? Of course you don’t but sometimes it’s necessary to monitor how they are using the internet. Why? Well, there are predators online as well as bullies and many other dangers and sometimes monitoring their instant messages, chat rooms and searches are a must. Yes it might seem right now it’s over the top and yet it’s vastly important. Kid’s lifestyle can be very busy and very modern! Children can go online innocently but get mixed up in something which can put them at risk. Monitoring their activities online with chat rooms and even Facebook and Twitter can be wise.

Limit Their Internet Usage on Computers and Smart Phones

Children are not going to like the idea of having some limitations put upon their internet time and yet it’s wise. Remember, you don’t have to just watch your child’s computer time but also your child’s smart phones. Now, smart phones can connect to the internet too and it’s very important to ensure you think about limiting their usage online there too. While you might think you don’t need to limit usage online it can be a very wise idea especially if your children safety is at risk. Your children might be smart and not likely to do anything wrong but things can spiral out of control. Learn more.

Check Their History and Block Certain Sites

Are kid’s lifestyle supposed to be hectic? No but it happens and in all honesty, the older the children get the more likely they are to get into trouble online. Do they mean to accidentally give away information about themselves? Of course they don’t but people can lure them into doing things they would never have imagined or dreamed of. That is why you have to think about going back and looking at the history of the child’s internet usage. Checking the history of a child’s computer can be very important and it wouldn’t hurt to block some sites too. You can use parental controls to help block sites with adult only content. It’s wise to say the least.

Keep Children Safe Online

There are some things which can be done to help a child to stay safe online such as use parental controls block unruly sites and even monitor and limit usage. Are those things going to solve the problems alone? Of course not but they can certainly help. There are so many things which can be done to help a child stay safe online. Children safety is important so do what you can to keep them safe today.

How To Be A Good Role Model For Teen Drivers

Being a parent, you must be the ultimate role model for your kids. It doesn’t matter how old your kids are. They will watch what you’ll do and how you’ll respond to others, especially around us, which includes your spouse and close friends, as well as your kids. So, here is how to be a good role model for your teen drivers.

1.     Open A Conversation

You as a parent must initiate to open up a conversation with your teens. You can start discussing the risks and benefits of driving. You think of the behavioral contract as a conversation opener between you and your teens. You talk to them about distracted driving using applications from overspeeding.  You teach them how to monitor themselves when they are already too drowsy to drive or in a volatile emotional state.

A Singaporean based curtain supplier and maker, Estil Furnishing, is taking care of their clients and employees like a family. They ensure their clients that their employees are sticking to their job orders such as soft fabric Roman blinds. Their drivers always don’t text while driving or use substances when driving to guarantee the orders are supplied to their customers.

2.     Be Transparent And Real With Teens

We are not all perfect. We often make mistakes. You’ll be highly appreciated if you admit your mistakes when you’ll screw up. So, be transparent and real with your teens. Just like Estil Furnishing, all employees are allowed to talk about what was behind their own misbehavior. Transparent conversations are very helpful to the management and the employee who committed the mistake because that employee becomes more mindful of their intentions and actions.

3.     Set Clear Consequences

The role as parents is to set clear consequences that are firm and fair. Teens all want and need clear guidelines for their behavior. So, Estil Furnishing does this too by defining what is okay and what is not. For example, if there is an emergency when they’re behind the wheel, the company talks about how to respond correctly such as pulling over and stopping the car. They also help them curb their impulse to contact them if it’s not urgently necessary. They also always disseminate information including what the price is for violating agreements.

4.     Set A Good Example

As parents, we must admit and correct ourselves too since your kids are watching. You are no exception to the rules required of your kids. We must set a good example for them. We all need to accept the rules together and take more responsibilities for our actions. Certainly, we will all do better by taking a look at ourselves and not adding distraction to your teen drivers.


It is best to begin conversations about driving when your kids are still young, especially before they’re getting ready to learn driving lessons. The earlier you engage in discussing dangerous driving and what may or may not be distracting, the easier it will be to introduce sensitive topics in the near future. Any type of conversation will do, but it is better to use the two-way discussions rather than a boring lecture.

6 Last-Minute Ideas To Accomplish As A Teenager

We all knew that teenagers are working harder today than they were before. They are attending school, maintaining their social life, and planning their future. But this leaves them little time to check off their bucket list before they turn 20 years old. So, here are the last-minute ideas to accomplish as a teenager.

1.     Learn To Drive

Being in control of a car and learn to drive provide a sense of freedom to teenagers.  It offers them responsibility and independence that can’t be found anywhere else. There is no need to own a car to learn how to drive. You can just search for a drivers’ educational program nearest your place.

2.     Explore Your Hometown

Don’t be a stranger of your own hometown, especially you are going away to college. When you’re located within the city, you can see the exhibits at the famous museums or you can discover the best plastic surgery in Korea. When you’re in a smaller town, it is better to look out for a great hiking trail or visit a local farmer’s market having an incredible adventure.

3.     Start Putting Together Your Resume

You can start writing down all your experiences and accomplishments in life. Your resume will eventually grow in time. It is highly useful to have it on hand, especially when you want to apply for your dream job in the best plastic surgery in Korea. Lots of websites can help you in making your own resume.

4.     Earn Your Own Money

To get any form of work experience will definitely help you to prepare for your future. It also provides you a deeper appreciation for all the work you did that is necessary if you go into maintaining a business like a plastic surgery clinic. You can try to be an intern at an office your parents might have had or babysit your neighbor’s toddler.

5.     Save Up For and Make A Semi-Big Purchase For College

Every week, you can save up a few dollars from your part-time work to lead you up for graduation. You can also reward yourself with something you have been looking forward to, for example, a TV for your future dorm room and/or a new modern and stylish camera. Or better yet, you can make a semi-big purchase for your college.

6.     Do One Thing You Are Scared Of

You can do one thing you are scared of at least one. You start mapping out your plan. If you make these small steps, you can overcome your fear. You can either conquer it or make a good story about it with your progress in beating your fear. If you are afraid of heights, for example, you can get on a Ferris wheel or do bungee jumping on a high building with a friend.


You can also do something crazy enough since you will never have this much freedom again once you’ll go to college. No matter how big or small you will complete a physical milestone, what is essential will be all your efforts to finish up something you have been working hard for.

Best High-Tech Ways To Spy on Your Teen Driver

Parents are always worried about their children’s safety, especially when their teenagers just got newly licensed. The CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention) had a recent study about teen drivers indicating higher rates of fatal crash than those drivers aging 20 and older. Look no further for here are the best high-tech ways to spy on your teen driver.

1.     Telematics and GPS Monitoring Technology

For those who are not aware what is telematics, wireless devices and black box techniques are used to transmit data in real time. If you want to have a stream of information, GPS monitoring can be attached to know your teen driver’s whereabouts and on-road performance. Some technologies such as Ford’s MyKey and Allstate’s Drivewise and StarDriver are free, and others like Motosafety and MobiCoPilot have discounts.

The Singaporean based truck rental company Nam Seng Cargo also employed telematics features and GPS monitoring technology in their trucks and lorries to ensure that the deliveries are carried out in the refrigerated truck rental. This technology will also guarantee that their highly trained drivers are safe on the roads while doing widespread job orders for their customers.

2.     Apps That Monitor or Stop Distracted Driving

If you are the type of parent that wants to reduce the risk of phone-related crashes for your teen driver, you can install apps that monitor or stop distracted driving. These apps are often free to download and can block texts and calls when your teenager is driving further than a certain speed like from 10 to 25 miles per hour. Among these apps are Sprint’s DriveFirst and AT&T’s DriveMode that use auto-replies, as well as MamaBear that notifies the teen’s departure and arrival time and the certain speed.

3.     Using What Parents Learn

You can do what Nam Seng Cargo did. They signed up for telematics programs with their trucks and lorries insurance company to be eligible for discounts of 5% or more. Some insurance companies offer a combination of this with other price breaks, for example, maintaining a good rating score or taking a driving course for specialized trucks.

It is a wrong way of thinking to punish your teens when you monitor their driving habits. The best way is to be a proactive parent. You use what you have learned to talk with your teen driver. Then, you can share information about how to become a better driver.


As a parent, you don’t have to always ride with a shotgun on hand to keep your kids away from overspeeding and texting while driving behind the wheel. You can use these aforementioned technologies to monitor your young drivers. You can still be in the passenger seat virtually using these latest devices and apps.